The Benefits of Paid Online Surveys

In recent times we have so many opportunities to earn money very easily and out of all those, online paid surveys are one easier means of getting money.

There are so many ways to make money out there, but online paid surveys have stood the test of time and armies of people who would like to make money online are trooping in every minute. Maybe this is so because it is one way of making money online without working too hard.

With many people involving in it, we have so many survey sites opening up so as to cater to the needs of the public and in turn, these paid surveys have their own advantages and beneficial purposes even to a common layman. When so many are interested in it, should we not get ourselves accustomed to the advantages of online paid surveys? Of course, we ought to know!

The Benefits of Online Paid Surveys

You work straight from home

The greatest benefit of paid surveys is first and foremost the money you make that can change your life completely! You can work from the comfort of your own home.

You can start doing paid surveys in your spare time right away, from the comfort of your couch and start making money. The more time and effort you spend doing the surveys the more money you will be making and the sooner you can quit your 9 to 5 job!

You can work your own hours

You do not have to clock in at a certain time every day. If you are a night person you can work in the middle of the night. You can fill out surveys at your own convenience at any time of the day or night. Where else could you go to work in your pajamas?

If you are a working mother or father and have to pay a sitter now, this is your opportunity to change your life and your children’s lives. This can be your ticket to a better lifestyle and a larger cash flow for you and your family.

This is the easiest ways to get started on your home business is paid surveys. There is no overhead. Most of the companies charge a one-time membership fee and that’s it! Some people actually use the money from the surveys to start another online business.

You get paid to express yourself

There are times when you would really like to express your opinion. With paid surveys, you express your opinion and get paid to do it! What could be better! Many companies worldwide are begging for the everyday person’s opinion for their market research and are willing to pay top dollar for it!

No special skills required

You will have fun picking out which survey to do from which company since there is so many to choose from and so many different topics to choose from! None of these surveys requires much skill or knowledge, as I quoted before: companies are willing to pay top dollar for your opinion.

If this sound likes something you would like to do, you can search for paid surveys on the internet. Check the company website before signing up, making sure everything looks legitimate. You may want to take the name of the company and search for any complaints being made about it online before you sign up especially if there is a membership fee to join.

If you can’t find any complaints, or very few that do not make a difference to you, then you can go ahead and sign up for that company and as many companies after checking them out first!

Online paid surveys are definitely a surefire way through which you can earn some reasonable amount of money just by having access to a computer and the internet. If you are still skeptical whether to start right now or not, you should consider starting right away!

Finding online paid survey websites is as easy as A-B-C: simply make use of your search engine (Google, for example).

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The legitimate paid online survey sites

Easy sign up by clicking each of the links below: All sites are free to join.

American Consumer Opinion     Apiarybuzz – SG

BI Brand Institute     Bowen Research – Gamer Survey

Branded Surveys – UK, US, CA     Brooks Adams Research

Buzz The People’s Panel – US

Clear Voice Surveys     Clicks Research     Crowdology – UK

Curious Cat ( iOS and Android systems )

Datatelligence -US

E-Poll – UK, CA, AU, MX     Enroll     esearch     eGlobalPanel


Fifty Plus Survey     Future Talkers     Free Survey Asia – 中文

GFK     Gloviss – MY     Go2Crowd – US     Google Opinion Rewards

Google User Experience Research     Good Sense Research

HappyDotter – SG     Hiving

I Dao Yan – 中文CN      ideaShifters Pro    Indiefield Consumer Directory

Infocus Group     Inside heads

iPanelonlineSGUS, MY, IN, TW, PH, TH, AU, NZ, ID, HK, VN, JP, BRA, KR, CN

iPoint Market Research – UK     iPoll – US, CA, UK     Ipsos i-Say

ixpanel – 中文TW

L&E Opinions – US     Leger – CA, US     Life Points

Macorr – US, CA     Marketagent     Metro Opinion

Microsoft Play Test     Mind Field Online – US, CA

Mind Mover –UK     Minds Pay – US

Mindswarms ( Mobile Video Surveys )     Mint – AU

Mobilexpression – US, CA, EU     Mobrog     Music Research – US, CA

My Voice – SG     Myiyo     Myopinionnow – US     Myview -AU

NCP -US     Nielsen

Onepoll     Opini     Opinionbar    

Opinion Bureau – AR, AU, BR, CA, FR, DE, HK, IN, IT, MY, MX, NZ, SG, ZA, ES, UK, US

Opinionnow      Opinionoutpost

Opinionrouter    Opinionspaid – AU     Opinionsquare     Opinionworld

Pawns.App ( Win, iOS and Android systems )

P&K Research – US

Paid Focus Group     Paidviewpoint     Palmresearch – SG

Panel Base –UK     Panel Camp

Panel Opinion    Panel Polls – US     Point Club     Pollbuzzer     

Populuslive – UK     Prolific     PureProfile – UK, US, NZ, SG

Qmee – US, UK, CA, AU     Qsample     Quotas     Questmindshare


Rakuten InsightMY, PH, SG, TW, ID, IN

Researchminds – AU, NZ, HK, SG, UK, US     Respondent

Saros -UK     Shoppers Voice – US, CA

Share Party ( iOS and Android systems )

Singapore Video Measurement Panel – SG

Spidermetrix     Spotlight Research     

Syres – SG     Survey Giants

Survey Hills – US, PH, KR, JP, ID, IN, VN, TH, NZ, AU, MY, SG, TW, HK, CN, LU, RU

Survey Junkie – US, CA, AU

Survey Money Machines – US, UK, CA, AU     Survey Rewardz

Surveyeah     Surveyon     Survey Savvy     Survey Spotter


Taylorresearch     Technology Advisory Board

Testspin     Techwise-Research     The-Collaboratory     The Panel Station

Tellwut     Thinkopinion     Think Survey -IN      Thego2crowd -USA

Toluna CN, HK, MY, SG     Triaba

Univox – US     User Works

Valued OpinionsSG, MY, IN, NZ, ZA, TW

Viewfruit – SG     Vindale Research- US, GB, CA, AU

Vipvoice – CA, US     Yo Opinion     Your Opinion – AU     Yoursaypays – UK

YouGov      Votebar – 中文 CN, HK, TW

Worthy ShoutIN, SG

Z.COM Research ( Android systems ) IND, MM, SG, TH

Zippy Opinion – IN, US

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