Alternatives to Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an easy and free way to make money online from your content. You can use Google AdSense to make money from your mobile content and your video content as well as website content. There are many people that make thousands a month and that is just from Google AdSense. AdSense is not a get rich quick scheme neither is it a scam. How can it be a scam if it is owned by Google, the most trusted search engine in the world?

Google AdSense is a wonderful way to make money. However, it’s never good to rely on just one income source when you’re an Internet marketer. You never know if a company is going to change their terms or even worse… if you actually get banned from the network. Granted, if you use white-hat SEO this is less likely to happen, but there are a few horror stories of people who have lost their AdSense accounts through sabotage, something they can’t help. And if you can’t prove that you’re the victim in the situation, Google may still ban your account.

Have you been disabled by Google AdSense? Here are some alternative PPC networks that you can implement into your site.


Clicksor is a good alternative to AdSense. Cost per click bid values is high enough in Clicksor so you can earn a decent income. Clicksor also allows you to add as many sites or domains as you want under a single account. For payment, Clicksor allows both PayPal and Check. For PayPal minimum payout is only $20 and for a check that is only $50.

Clicksor’s application can choose the country and then set or assign a limit and unique IPs in a given time frame. The advertisers are then allowed to publish their attractive advertisements that are suitable with the pre-selected keywords and would be matched with related affiliated websites. The publishers, on the same token, would display the most significant ads on their website with the use of the same technology for choosing the keywords or channels.

Clicksor is one of the companies that reach customers who were hard to reach before, and this is what makes Clicksor one of the best when it comes to contextual advertising. It delivers great Internet traffic at the same time having the best flexible interface. This is the reason why the visitors just keep coming back to the websites. With text ads, interstitial or pop-under ads, or the bold graphical banner that suits the product or service under your marketing objective, prospective clients are simply attracted to learn more about the product or service upon seeing the ads.

Clicking in Clicksor is never a waste of time. Instead, it is all serious money either on a pay per click, pay per visit or a pay per view cost metric. Finally, the support group of Clicksor is never a pain in the head. They are responsive and quick.

Clicksor is no longer active.


BidVertiser is a company that takes good care of its customers. It protects them by ensuring that click frauds will not be validated and counted. It has an online fraud detection system that employs a sophisticated algorithm constantly updated by a fraud detection team. In this way, only valid clicks will get paid.

BidVertiser Some expert bloggers say that Bidvertiser is the best Google AdSense alternative for Asian bloggers. It claims itself that it will always display the highest bidders on your site, assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time. BidVertiser pays you by PayPal with minimum amount $10 or by check with minimum payable amount $50.

BidVertiser is a site-targeted program. It means that the advertiser gets to choose which relevant website it will show and in what geographic range. A performance tracker is also installed with the system allowing the number of valid clicks and the number of visits that have been converted into a lead or sales. BidVertiser will also help identify which ads are effective. Online reports are possible with the program presenting the number of visits, clicks, click-through rate, and the amount that will be spent on the advertisement.

BidVertiser has provided a program where the advertisers and publishers simply combine their services all in the same system. This is quite different because Google has AdWords and AdSense, one application for the publisher and another for the advertiser respectively.


Chitika is an advertisement search engine that is faring well alongside the major and well-known search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing, Google, etc. Although most of the Internet users go for the reliable major search engines, Chitika is not far behind in terms of relevance and reliability. It is more precise, working on localizing the items that are closer to what people are looking for and bringing them to the top priority. And with a new twist in Chitika’s process of searching the advertisements, it focuses on the content and not on the word count. It employs the principle of getting into the general idea of the website’s content and what it tells about the topic and not on the number of times the keywords appear in it.

Chitika is very famous in some article directories. It doesn’t really stand alone as a single advertising solution but instead provides you with a way to compliment your existing advertising and publishing program with some additional Ad units which are altogether different from the standard ad boxes, pop-under etc. Chitika runs a helpful blog and forum for their publishers. Further, Chitika has a good referral program. For payment Chitika prefers check but it also accepts PayPal payments method. The minimum payout threshold of Chitika is $20.

The Chitika ads found in pages of the website or blogs are recognized when the mouse hovers over them showing the advertisement details in a collection of tabs such as the product picture, its features and descriptions, some reviews and best deals, and a search box. The search box gives the visitor the option to search for similar products without having to leave the site. Having Chitika in the website keeps the visitor or subscriber within the site, with no reason for them to leave and look for some information elsewhere. This is the reason why many people are joining the Chitika bandwagon because it is a one-stop shop form of dissemination.

For consumers or website owners, or simply a prospective website client or visitor, Chitika is definitely a spice to the old and traditional method of Internet searches. It is fast gaining popularity and users have admitted that it is the newest form of advertising online.

Chitika business closed in 2019


VigLink has recently introduced a new affiliate network which can save web entrepreneurs valuable time and help them earn significant money. By simply registering, you will get access to at least 12,500 partners with the VigLink network. The best part is it’s free to join.

Besides combining your affiliate network, VigLink also can make withdrawing money a whole lot easier. As opposed to other affiliate’s programs, you only have a twenty-five-dollar minimum to pull out money. You talk about increasing your websites liquidity! The more money you have on hand; the sooner you can grow your online business.

There is a cost to their service. Well, VigLink will take 25 percent of the action. This may be the only drawback to VigLink’s program, but on the other hand, it frees up a huge amount of time.

Some reasons to join Viglink include:

  1. It will save you plenty of time.
  2. Forget about fooling/tooling around with affiliate URL links.
  3. Low payout threshold.
  4. Terrific Amazon or Google AdSense replacement.
  5. Post any link from 12,500 retailers and get paid.
  6. Shouldn’t hinder your existing Affiliate links.

When you have a niche website generating great revenue, then “don’t fix it if it is not broken”. I got numerous blogs that are making fantastic money and would never consider utilizing Viglink. On the other hand, I have poor performing sites that have started performing nicely using Viglink. Adding Viglink opened up so much more possibilities that may have fallen beyond my niche.

Sovrn Acquired VigLink to Expand Publisher Services in 2018


MageNet ad network has been operational since 2009. they’re an advertising network that sells text links on your website to advertisers.

MageNet sells text links from exact keywords on your site to advertisers that have paid. Once you have completed the signing up, MageNet review and index your website. If any of your pages have Google PageRank one or higher they’re going to supply text links to their advertisers.

MageNet promotes the actual fact that they’re going to settle for all sites despite the content, language or whether or not it’s associate adult or recreation website. They additionally state that it doesn’t matter if you have got a PageRank zero website or don’t have any traffic you’ll be able to still submit your site that contradicts different statements that advice you want to have PR one to be able to sell your links.

Google penalizes websites that have paid links. have an entire page write-up on however they’re able to deceive Google with their paid links. They advise that as a result of their paid links look natural that Google won’t be able to spot them. With Google’s dynamic algorithms I think they’re going to realize the simplest way to notice paid link ads through ad networks like MageNet.

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