Introduction to Fiverr


Might you have heard the word “FIVERR”? Isn’t well, if so, then I am not amazed at all. Because 5 out of 10 people didn’t actually know about Fiverr as what it is and how its work. But trust me this platform is providing enough livelihood to those who want to earn.

There are many online platforms which offer you the opportunity to start your career as a Freelancer. However, many few of them are popular for their perks and Fiverr is one of them.

Anyways, today, in this blog, I will give you a brief introduction on Fiverr. What is Fiverr? How it works? How much you can earn and much more. All you need is to sit back and have a cup of tea while reading it.

What is Fiverr?

If we look for the proper definition of Fiverr, then it is a marketplace where sellers come with their skills and buyers for their need. Didn’t get me? Let me make it simpler. It is a marketplace with millions of sellers and buyers who coordinate with each other for their working needs. It is a platform which works on $5. Yes, as the name shows 5-err surely for $5. However, here the people can get the things done for five dollars.

The sellers make their gigs priced at $5. Seller means you can create a gig for your small services on Fiverr, and buyers mean visitors can buy your gigs. The price for each gig is fixed at $5 but later with your prior experience, you can increase it. But it’s a later thing…

For sellers

Don’t think about making your high priced gigs in the starting. If you want success from the beginning of your career as a freelancer, then you need to work for your success, not for bucks. For every $5 project you $4 as Fiverr charges fee also on every gig of $5. However, you can even charge more according to buyer’s specifications if the buyer is asking for more work than you are offering in your gig. Trust me if you have a spirit to change your living, then nothing is best than this platform.

For buyers

It also facilitates buyers in many aspects. The buyers can compare millions of gigs to choose the best one that they think suits best with their project. The buyers have full authority to choose the services that they are looking for in their way of style. As a buyer, you can have gigs starting at $5 to $1000. It mostly depends on how much your project needs work and what is the worth of the seller.

Services that you can offer

As we have already mentioned that it is the world largest online platform where you can send thousands of your services. Whatever your skill is, just create a micro-gig of that service and start your career as a professional.  Here at Fiverr the sellers or Freelancers offer a variety of digital services including website development, graphic designing, content writing, marketing campaigns, programming, etc. You must be thinking these all are professional services with less fun and more creativity. But don’t worry there is also an option for those who have a lot of fun in them. Moreover, there is a category of fun and lifestyle for those who have an artist in them and want to showcase their creativity.

However, if we sum up so there are the following categories on Fiverr for sellers and buyers.

  • Graphics and Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Fun & Lifestyle

How Does It Work?

The working of Fiverr is very simple if you learn from the basic. All you need is to create your Fiverr account on the official website at Once you establish your account, you need to create the gigs of your services that you want to sell online on Fiverr. The very important thing is to create your gigs carefully. Most of the sellers’ complaint that they don’t get any order on Fiverr. The main reason behind this their gig is not up to the mark which most of the buyers want to choose. However, so do proper homework before publishing your gig on Fiverr.

How to Increase Sales on Fiverr Gig?

There Are Many Methods with Which the Member Can Increase Fiverr Gig Sales.

  1. Find out all your capabilities and make a list. You can also give an attractive description to all of your gigs with photographs. You can post these on this site.
  2. Check the requirements of the people on the message boards of different social marketing sites. As you already have made a presentation for your gig all you have to do is to communicate with the interested party and find out this requirement and you can forward your presentation to the concerned party. If they like the presentation, they will agree to avail your services.
  3. Post your services on free classified ad sites offering your services. The person who is interested in your services will contact you.
  4. Search through the requirement section of various forums and communities where the members have advertised their requirements. You can contact them through this channel and give the presentation of your services. If they like the presentation, they will surely other for your gig and service.
  5. Ask the customer care of Fiverr website about how you can showcase your gig on the front page of the website so that more people will notice it and call you regarding your gig.
  6. Mention that your gig is exclusively on Fiverr, at least twice during your videos or audios. Also, include the Fiverr logo on any videos and make sure you load your videos onto YouTube for extra exposure. Putting a link in your YouTube description that points back to your gig URL at Fiverr is a great marketing strategy too.
  7. Build backlinks on the other blogs, forums, communities and other web pages. It is one of the good ideas for increasing the sales of the gig.
  8. Offer something original. Spend time looking through the different categories and exploring the wild and wonderful gigs there. You’re bound to get some inspiration. Oh! And try to do what you love, it will show in your dedication and quality of service.
  9. Offer a Bonus for your services. Who hates a free product or service? You should identify your repeat customers and offer them a bonus. For example, if you write 100-word product descriptions for $5, you should offer your repeat customers 130-word product descriptions for $5. Doing this makes your customers feel appreciated and they buy more for you which results in you making more money.
  10. Always deliver your gig on time. Another important part is the time duration. Though some of the best sellers might take days to deliver yet the initial target is to deliver within hours. If you are planning to utilize this platform to your best interest then make sure to work very hard during the initial few months. Once you are backed by some good feedbacks then orders will simply glide in. The service you offer must be delivered within a short duration.

These are tips on how to increase your sales (thus increasing the amount of money you make) on Fiverr. To increase traffic to your gig you should share it as many time as you can. Some of the best platforms to share include Twitter, Facebook, and Fiverr forum.

These are only some of the ways with which the members of the can promote their gig to people around the world who visit this site, and increase the sale and consequently his own income from the presentation. These were just a few internet business tips, however, gigs are the next big things around the corner.

Sign up here – it’s free!

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