How can I teach online and get paid?

Most people now a day and from the past, sent their children to schools or other educational institutes for getting the education. And teachers also taught subjects in schools or different educational institutes for students’ guidance for this major thing which was time-consuming. Some people can bear time wastage and some couldn’t bear it. Now Technology gets progressed and we are in this state that Teachers can teach students and students can teach online by having just an internet which is also affordable. So, if You are interested in finding employment and Teaching is your passion or profession and you talk English as a foreign language than that you may be interested in an internet-based job which like other jobs not only pay you for your life needs but also enhance your performance, Experience and motivate you to work on such platforms as your career success.

How I became an online tutor?

If you have Teaching skills in any field and have experience as a professional teacher then to teach online would not be taught for you rather it will be more than easy as compared to physically go to an institute and taught. You just one-time record content regarding your field and in future you may update some topics according to new knowledge. But the only condition is that you must be competent in your field and your knowledge should be vast. There are multiple platforms on the internet which allow you to teach online by preparing courses and sales these courses to different students. If you have doubt for online learning and teaching you can also search for different platforms and enroll yourself in a free course to take an idea for your work. But let me explain more, Online teaching process is somehow familiar with physical teaching like you as a teacher first give the lecture and you can conduct your lecture exercises or quizzes online on same platforms for students practice in their subject. But the major thing which students like and which will be beneficial for them is your content and way of teaching. These two things may make you start on such a platform and people will like to teach from you. I personally experienced with multiple platforms for online teaching but I will explain below my best teaching platforms which give me success in my profession.

Thinkific :

Thinkific is a web-based course and learning management system whose motive is to provide quality of learning to students and well-qualified teachers can teach to a huge audience by their knowledge and skills. Tutors of Thinkific have a huge opportunity to create, promote and sales their courses. Thinkific offer the total four kinds of packages and each package has its own features. You can join the Thinkific by taking one of Free, Basic, Pro or Premier Package. If You are beginner or you have no money to invest then you should still feel happy because thinkific is giving amazing feature freely you can make three courses, you can conduct multiple surveys and Quizzes, you can for promotion target unlimited students, you can host different kind of video, audio or pdf formats for your content and you can get instant access to your funds.

But Other Package also have their own characteristic you can will get Unlimited courses & students, manually enroll students in courses & export your student data for use outside of Thinkific, send your Thinkific data to other tools using Zapier triggers, Different kind of Email integration i.e. MailChimp, AWeber, & ConvertKi, you can take your own custom domain, Affiliate reporting, Scheduled content and email to your students in Basic Package.

In Pro Package which is the most popular thinkific package, it overall includes basic package with extra Priority Assigning support for your management, provide advanced level customization like Custom themes, edit your HTML/CSS, create custom members-only pages, customize student experience etc., Provide memberships and bundles  offer to Generate recurring revenue with memberships and upsell customers by bundling courses together, Advance Course Pricing option like you provide enable flexible pricing options for your courses (one-time, free, subscriptions, payment plans, or additional course prices), you can change visibility of your course by making some courses public and some private according to your demand, you can create five courses admins and authors it needs because sometimes you only cannot manage it overall and two Site admin accounts.

In Premium Package you will have all previous packages features with the addition of getting unlimited access to all the growth package features for a flat fee, includes an onboarding training, call and a launch preparedness review, SOS which stands for Single Sign on, Fifty Course Admins or authors and gives five sites admin accounts. And its price is just $499 per month.

If you want to initiate your career on thinkific then you may choose any package which suits you.

Coach Training Accelerator Online

Italki :

Italki is a bigger platform which is specific for Language Teaching, this is a huge community of 5,000,000 learners and 100000 plus teachers from where you can learn the language which you want it overall cover all languages of the world. So, if you know any language which you can teach then you can avail this opportunity. If you want to learn you can also go through. Their Workflow for a student is like that student come and register to site and after login select language to learn. After Language Select Teacher and then Schedule your lesson after that you can choose an app which is used for video calling like Skype or another for your lesson. On Italki you can come for different reasons which may attract you.

  • Build online educating recognition and get comments to create work records of reliability, quality, and student satisfaction.
  • Manage your training and students online. An official file of transactions and messages are stored in your account.
  • Choose what you desire to educate and solely educate your college students what you sense is most helpful.
  • Set your personal prices and figure out what your time is worth. Choose where you teach. You can work from domestic or somewhere with a stable net connection.

SO, Italki would be an amazing option for you if you want to teach people some language upon which you have expertise.

Teachable :

Teachable is the World most popular platform for students and teacher’s interactivity with the system. They Offer you to create your own school and you can properly manage your school. Like other platforms, you can teach students to make your living for your needs. It also provides different amazing features which help you to maintain your school.

  • By making the school on Teachable you will be able to handle different things like:
  • You will have authority to overall responsibilities regarding student’s data and courses.
  • You can Take Custom Domain which is like your school name.
  • You can publish videos and courses in different formats.
  • You can integrate your school with different add-ons for marketing analysis and productivity.
  • They provide different payment methods for transactions. There are around 130 payment methods.
  • It also provides you a built-in Blog You can update different content regarding your school.

If discuss the Teachable community then there are around 15 million students registered for learning 155000 active courses and 62000 instructors. And the Total 62000 instructors earn overall 259 million plus dollars.

Teachable provide three kinds of packages Basic, Professional and Business.

The basic package is of $29 with 5% transaction fee, two users as admin, quick payouts, course creation training, product support, coupon codes, customization for course content, Different kind of the third party add on.

In Professional Package you can take all features of Basic plus no transaction fee, quick payouts, graded quizzes, five users as an admin, theme full customization, your own school website, course completion certification to students in $79.

In Business Package you can do hundred user level admins, custom user roles, student enrolment in bulk, quick payouts and all other including a basic and professional package in $399.

How Much Do Online Teachers earn?

This question actually depends upon a teacher’s effort or you can tell the way of teaching to students. The content of a course and teaching way of tutors satisfy students and students drop a positive review on such teachers which attract other students to learn from that teacher. So, Teachers earning amount will depend upon the number of each course sale or sometimes you can take from a lecture selling. But it overall depends upon you but for motivation, you can see different teachers on these sites they earned a lot of money by teaching students.

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