Google G Suite ( Google Workspace )

What is “G Suite” ( Google Workspace )? The Benefits and Features of G Suite?

G Suite ( Google Workspace ) has everything you need to work everywhere , so that your organization can develop faster and achieve more! Because that is their mission!

Sounds good, but what can you do with it?

Everything you need to work on the move!

G Suite ( Google Workspace ) offers a total package of products that help you to work wherever you are. You work in the ‘ cloud’.

Your user experience and ease of use is always the same! Wherever in the world you are working. And whether you are working on the computer, tablet or mobile phone.

You create a draft in Google Docs while you are still in the office, view it on the train and make the latest changes to your phone just before the meeting. That way you get more done during your workday.

And then you can also easily collaborate and communicate with your entire team thanks to the products that G Suite offers you!

Which products are in the G Suite ( Google Workspace ) package and what can you do with it?

G Suite ( Google Workspace ) has a whole collection of beautiful products that help you work optimally, wherever you are. Handily collected in one package and in the cloud. Products with which you can always work on your computer, tablet and telephone.

What can you expect from Gmail?

With Gmail you have a perfect mail solution. Simply send mail and receive mail without any problems. No more error messages due to overfilled mailboxes. And Gmail has ingenious SPAM filters, resulting in a huge decrease in SPAM messages in your mailbox. And there is more, much more!

✔ A nice business email address like “@”.

✔ Professional email, without advertisements.

✔ An inbox with 30 GB of storage.

✔ Support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

✔ Handy: offline messages can read or draft messages.

✔ Chat with a colleague directly from your inbox (via Hangouts).

✔ Directly from your mail, call the number of a customer or host or attend a video conference.

✔ Gmail works perfectly with desktop clients such as: Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

✔ You can easily transfer and save your email from for example Outlook or Exchange.

✔ Gmail is 99.9% available and has 0% outages, so you can count on the exceptionally reliable servers of Google 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

✔ Your company data is protected with automatic backups.

✔ Very good spam protection.

✔ Leading security measures.

What can you do with Google Hangouts?

Want to quickly coordinate something with a colleague who is further away? Or give that one colleague on his way to a customer a quick feedback on a few important issues?

With Google Hangouts you can chat, video chat and even call your colleagues whether you work with your PC, tablet or telephone. A handy tool that helps you communicate easily and quickly with your colleagues or perhaps even your customers.

✔ Anywhere and anyone who has access can chat.

✔ Face-to-face meetings, even if you are not at the same location.

✔ Your entire team can participate in the same Hangout via the desktop, laptop, tablet or telephone in the same user-friendly way.

✔ You are in contact with each other via chats, voice calls or HD video calls with built-in screen sharing functions.

✔ Schedule your Hangout meeting in your Google Agenda and you can participate with one click from your Agenda.

✔ You can organize HD video meetings with up to 25 people (inside or outside your company). The focus of the screen is automatically moved to the speaker and intelligent attenuation prevents background noise.

✔ You can hold a public ‘Hangout On Air’, for example to present your brand or to demonstrate a new product. You will be streamed live in HD and your video conference will be automatically saved on your YouTube channel.

✔ Restrict access to Hangouts for external participants, disable chat history or refuse participants. In short, use the management functions that help protect your privacy.

What can you do with Google Calendar?

Google Calendar has everything you can expect from a great agenda tool, works easily and quickly and most importantly very safely!

Planning your day, week or month? You can easily switch in the display. Invite your guests to a meeting? Use the guest invitation function. Schedule an appointment that also includes that one colleague? You can see the availability at a glance.

The most important advantages of the Google agenda at a glance:

✔ Spend more time on your work and less time on planning.

✔ Easy planning for teams, through shareable agendas and insight into each other’s availability.

✔ Share your agenda the way you want. Show all the details of your appointments or just your availability.

✔ Send agenda invitations to all participants of the meeting.

✔ View and edit your agenda on your phone or tablet. Use for example the optimized mobile apps or synchronize with the built-in calendar on your phone.

✔ You can easily migrate your business Exchange, Outlook or iCal agenda.

✔ View and reserve meeting rooms, projectors or table football tables from your agenda.

✔ Make a group agenda for the holiday schedule or for regular meetings.

✔ Decide whether you want to receive appointment reminders and set how far in advance you want to receive those reminders.

What opportunities does Google Drive offer you?

I call it opportunities , because Google Drive has so many wonderful functionality options, possibilities and solutions that can help you enormously!

We all need storage space, data collection in one place, always accessible, secure and good backups. Google Drive is a perfect solution for your file management.

What can you think of?

✔ Google Drive is a beautiful secure online storage space.

✔ Do you want to collect all your files in one place? Safe, but in the cloud, so you can always reach it? Use Google Drive.

✔ Easy to expand when 30GB (for mail and drive together) proves insufficient.

✔ Save all your files centrally.

✔ Always work in the latest version of your file, wherever you are.

✔ Synchronize all files or specific folders with your PC, so that changes you make locally are automatically implemented in Google Drive and vice versa.

✔ Synchronize files from your desktop, so you always have access to those files.

✔ Open all types of files, even if you don’t have the software. Google Drive reads 40 popular file formats, such as video, images, Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc.

✔ Search hours in your files? That is past tense! Simply enter a number of keywords and Google Drive will find the correct file. Even if it is an image or a PDF of a handwritten note.

✔ Do you need a PDF of a physical document quickly, but no scanner nearby? You can just do that with the Google Drive app and the camera of your phone.

What can you do with Google Docs?

Google Docs (Google Docs) is a nice word processor. You can create and edit text documents directly in your browser. You no longer need any special software (such as Microsoft Word).

With Google Docs you can easily work with your team on one document and all changes are saved automatically. You can communicate with each other within Google Docs and work on important documents quickly and efficiently.

A number of advantages at a glance:

✔ Create and edit text documents directly in the browser, without the need for special software.

✔ Work with several people on a document at the same time and all changes are saved automatically.

✔ You can see the edits of others as they are typed.

✔ Communicate via the built-in chat function.

✔ Ask questions by adding comments to the document.

✔ Import all your documents, including Microsoft Word and PDF files, so that they can be edited immediately.

✔ Export your documents to .docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt or .html.

✔ Keep track of changes (revisions) in your documents and undo unwanted changes. Previous versions of your documents are kept indefinitely and do not count towards the storage space.

✔ Create, edit and share documents via your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

✔ Use Chrome and you can even work in your documents when you are offline!

✔ Give people or groups the right to edit files, view them only, or to add comments only. That way, you can decide yourself who has access to your documents and folders.

What are the benefits of Google Spreadsheets?

With Google Spreadsheet you can create and edit very powerful spreadsheets directly in your browser. You no longer need any special software (such as Microsoft Excel).

Discover the power of Google’s powerful spreadsheets!

✔ Simply create spreadsheets in your browser, without special software.

✔ Spreadsheet is suitable for making simple task lists into data analysis with graphs, filters and pivot tables.

✔ Perform calculations with powerful functions and formulas in spreadsheets.

✔ Work with several people on a document at the same time and all changes are saved automatically.

✔ You can see the edits of others as they are typed.

✔ Communicate via the built-in chat function.

✔ Ask questions by adding comments to the spreadsheet.

✔ Import and convert existing spreadsheets, including Microsoft Excel files, so that they can be edited immediately.

✔ Export worksheets to .xlsx, .csv, .html, .ods, .pdf or .txt.

✔ You can create, edit and share spreadsheets anytime, anywhere. Whether via the PC, tablet or telephone.

✔ Use Chrome and you can even work in Spreadsheets when you are offline.

✔ Create a survey and add it to your website or send a questionnaire around at work. The results of the forms are directly displayed in Google Spreadsheets, so that you can view, review and analyze them immediately.

What can you achieve with Google Forms?

Google Forms is a great tool with which you can easily create online surveys and forms, without extra costs.

✔ Easily and quickly create forms for online surveys and questionnaires.

✔ Collect responses in a spreadsheet and analyze the data directly in Google Spreadsheets.

✔ Creating forms has never been easier. Choose from multiple question types, drag questions to change the order and adjust the values ​​easily and quickly.

✔ Send professional surveys to your customers and work on customer loyalty.

✔ Add images, videos and custom logic to make the survey interesting and user-friendly.

What can Google Presentations do for me?

Make the most slick presentations online, simply in your browser. Work together with your business partner, team or customer on the perfect presentation. With an optimal experience on both your PC, tablet and mobile phone.

✔ Make the most beautiful presentations with your entire team.

✔ Simply in your browser, without the need for additional software.

✔ Create, edit and present professional presentations on any device with an internet connection.

✔ Work with several people on a presentation at the same time and all changes are automatically saved and everyone always has the latest version.

✔ You can determine who can edit and view the presentations.

✔ You can add comments to the presentation.

✔ All slides can also be viewed well or tablets and mobile devices, you can even do the presentation yourself using these devices.

✔ Designing slides is very easy.

✔ You can create a completely new slide or select a template.

✔ You can expand and supplement your presentations with videos, images, drawings and smooth transitions.

✔ You can draw graphs and charts, insert objects and shapes, format text and images, use animations, and much more.

And what else can you do with G Suite?

There are so many options within the G Suite package. And then there is also a mountain of tips and tricks that offer you even more benefits. We will mention a few more:

✔ Undo sending an email

✔ Edit Microsoft documents directly in your browser. You no longer have to invest in Microsoft Office packages.

✔ Large attachments? No worries, just send by mail, it’s all possible.

✔ Easily and quickly send a link to a PDF version of your document or spreadsheet.

✔ Use G Suite for storing and backing up your files, securely, online and ‘in the cloud’.

✔ Easily add a diary to your website without too much hassle and restrictions.

✔ Use the handy task lists and keep an overview of your tasks easily.

✔ Quickly respond to emails with smart answers.

✔ Type via your voice.

G Suite Plan ( Google Workspace )

G Suite ( Google Workspace ) pricing start as low as S$ 8 per user per month for Business Starter, S$ 16 per user per month for Business Standard and S$ 24 per user per month for Business Plus.

The first 14 days are free.

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