Make Money with HoneyGain

I’m gonna tell you guys about the most passive of passive income streams. I’m all about teaching you how to build passive income, become financially free and design your best lives. so, if you’re interested in that go ahead.

let’s get right into it. I’m going to talk about this app called HoneyGain. I recently discovered this app and basically you don’t need to do anything. It’s very passive. You know a lot of passive income streams. You have to build up like there are a lot of startup costs. There’s a lot of effort in order to build it up with this app. You basically just need to turn it on and then it just goes automatically. Basically,I just thought it was really funny that you don’t need to put in any effort.

Let me tell you guys what HoneyGain is?

HoneyGain app basically lets you share your unused net traffic with data scientists but it doesn’t track individual usage. So, it seems quite safe so that means you download it and then you install it if you have a Mac or a Windows PC. You can use it. You can’t use it on an iPhone which kind of sucks but you can use it on Androids.

Is HoneyGain Real?

I was thinking it might be some type of scam or something right. So, I went on reddit and I checked it. People are really harsh but I found that a lot of people actually use HoneyGain. All you have to do is install it and then login. Then, it’s just gonna start working and then you can have it launched at startup so every time you turn on your computer it’s gonna come up.

How will your device function as a gateway?

Your device will function as a gateway when it acts as a node or modem. When you get into the HoneyGain program, your apparatus is considered an important stopping point since information travels to other programs or from different programs.  This information is tested by the men and women using the HoneyGain program for market research functions.Market investigators always need information.  They use it in order to understand consumer behavior and discover more about what people like and what sorts of goods they’re very likely to spend money on.

How Much Can You Earn from it?

So, to be honest you don’t really make that much especially if you just have one device but there are some users that are making like 100$ a month because they’re using multiple devices and they might be referring others to their referral program so the referral program is really good right so if you invite other people you basically get 10% of their credits every day. so, in order to refer your friends, you just go into your dashboard go into the invite friends section and then open up that link copy that link and then send that over to whoever and you’re gonna be able to get that referral credit so again they’ve shared insights where people are making a few hundred of bucks a month it’s pretty crazy because I am nowhere at that level for some reason my girlfriend’s getting way more credits than I am when I’m using honeygain.

And maybe she’s like doing a lot of background activity with his laptop I have no idea what’s running but but basically once you reach that twenty dollar threshold you can pay yourself out through PayPal you’re able to use three devices on a single IP address but for the best revenue potential you should do one device per IP and again there’s no limit to how much you can make which is really cool and because they’re not tracking individual usage it’s pretty safe in my opinion at least.

Will Honey Gain slow down my PC or Mobile?

The app only uses around 10 percent of your available network.  You won’t sense a difference in functionality on your pc, telephone or online speed.  You can always turn the program off and it Won’t run anymore at the desktop and also use any bandwidth or Battery lifetime.  Speaking of battery life, the program doesn’t have any noteworthy battery life however when departing the house you need to turn the program off yet.  Mobile bandwidth of your own phone is only useful if you permit it in the program preferences, by default the program simply uses bandwidth in the background whenever you’re linked using a Wifi network.

How will my internet be used?

We looked at the visitors and didn’t locate any junk or illegal activities happening.  The bandwidth you market is employed for the study of costs, according to where you are and network it’s possible to acquire unique supplies by internet retailers. This way companies can establish a normal cost and particular costs per state such as for price comparison sites.  Other activities are accessing info from sites like Wikipedia and News sites.  Total HoneyGain Appears to perform no questionable action with your marketed bandwidth.  HoneyGain is fairly clear and open around for what they utilize the bandwidth of the internet connection – you can read additional information on their FAQ.


HoneyGain is just one of many new programs which make it simple to make money out of the apparatus without doing anything.  You may earn $50 readily with only 1 device and you can make even more by allowing it to operate on three devices simultaneously through the exact same IP address.It doesn’t impact your surfing speed and you’ll be able to limit just how much of your data strategy the program may utilize. Their referral application makes it Simple to improve your earnings, The payout limit is $20, and you may withdraw your money and spend it on whatever you want whenever you get to the threshold.

Have you ever used HoneyGain?  In that case let us know in the comments what you believed.

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