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As an entrepreneur, you want your company’s website to appear among the first results of search engines and one way to do this for free is through SEO positioning. SEO is a digital marketing technique that focuses on optimizing a website for search engines. The objective of SEO is to increase organic traffic to the website, that is, the traffic that comes from searches carried out on search engines is to generate sales and/or conversions.

What is SEO?

We have all heard about SEO and its importance for a large company or a small business. Search Engine Optimization, or in Spanish, search engine optimization, is already a term in general use for all companies with a presence on the Internet. Knowing its meaning, its application, and its importance allows you to benefit from all its advantages. It is a very broad aspect of your website, to which you have to pay due attention.

SEO is the set of strategies, techniques, and internal and external actions that are carried out to optimize a website, to be taken into account by the different Internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.). This optimization seeks that your site is presented among the first places in the different response options to the search needs of the users, in the SERP results pages, of the aforementioned search engines.

In other words, it is the strategy that makes your site or web page the answer that appears on the first page and in the first positions when a user enters to consult something, in any of the Internet search engines, such as Google. It doesn’t matter how good your company, your brand, or your product is, if nobody knows about it, it doesn’t exist. That is why understanding what it is, what it consists of, and how a good SEO strategy is carried out is of vital importance for any business.

SEO For Beginner

For small businesses, SEO is about getting you as many users as possible who are most likely to buy your products and services. This is a key goal for larger businesses as well, but the starting point and key areas of focus often differ greatly from the SEO tactics that work best for small businesses. That’s why SEOBUDDY come into exist for effective SEO strategy.

Generally speaking, SEO strategy is a process that organizations go through to ensure that their site ranks high in organic results for relevant keywords and phrases, to do this, SEOBUDDY will scan or crawl different web content for a better understanding of what the site is about. We always want to provide the best service to our users. This means delivering results on the first pages that are not only high quality but also relevant to what people are looking for.

Why Do Small Businesses Need an SEO Strategy?

Most small business owners know that SEO has something to do with search engines and that the most important search engine is Google, but they don’t necessarily understand the full value of what SEO can do for them.  Some of these business owners may even consider their SEO strategy complete because their business is found on Google when users type their name in search results.

Indeed, some small businesses haven’t gotten to this point yet, but making sure your business site can be found through your business name on Google is just checking that Google can find and crawl your site. It’s not optimizing it so more customers can find your small business through search engines. Any business that can only be found on search engines in this way has not come close to unlocking its online business potential with SEO for two reasons:

  • Small businesses don’t have the brand recognition it takes for users to reach them from search engines using their name alone.
  • Only customers who know the name of the business will find the company this way, which means that a small business is not targeting new customers, which is why many SMBs do SEO primarily.

What Do Small Businesses Need To Know About Keywords And Keyword Research?

Finding the best keywords for your small business website is all about identifying the best words and phrases that users can use to reach your website. One of the most valuable elements of search engines for marketers is the right keyword tools like SEOBUDDY.

These keywords are great information about what your customers are searching for. By targeting the right keywords and getting a prominent position, your small business can establish a low-cost and long-term customer pipeline. Remember that, unlike adverts on Google, the top organic result doesn’t pay Google a penny. This makes SEO an excellent marketing value for small businesses.

Different Types Of SEO

There are two types of SEO. The internal one, also known as SEO On Page is in charge of everything related to the optimization of the site or web page from its very interior (titles, structure, content, etc.). And on the other hand, external or Off Page SEO, is responsible for improving the popularity of the site through external factors such as the construction of valuable external links, social networks, CTR, etc.

Internal SEO – On Page: – We cannot talk about what SEO is, without explaining internal SEO, or SEO-On Page. We can say that they are all the strategies, techniques, and actions that are executed to optimize your website from within. Titles, structure, URL, and in general everything that contributes to improving the experience for users. But, above all, when it comes to content and internal links, which must add value and be constantly added and updated to obtain the desired result.

External SEO –Off Page: – External optimization or SEO-Off Page covers all the processes that help your website gain popularity through external resources. One of the main resources of the Off Page is the so-called link building or construction of external links. It consists of creating a structure of valuable links to and from our website, and to and from other more relevant sites. This goes a long way in complementing our online image and creating a positive reputation.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is not a magic formula, it is a process of hard and continuous work whose results are not as immediate as we all would like. The real benefit is obtained when good practices are applied over a long period and different methods of action are combined. You have to always keep in mind that this strategy seeks to optimize your website to achieve a better position in the search results pages of the different search engines.

Starting from there, it would be easy to assume that once the website is optimized and you manage to appear in the SERPs, the objective has been achieved. Nothing could be further from the truth. As technology advances, search engines evolve, their algorithms change and “learn” to value intent and better recognize the meaning behind each search, not just the keywords it contains. Therefore, search engine optimization is a constant and continuous work.

The main objective of SEO is to provide the best possible experience for users who are searching or simply living on the web. This is achieved through constant work focused on the continuous optimization of the page. To do this, you must differentiate between internal SEO and external SEO. These two types are in charge of optimizing the different websites from inside and outside.

  • Google and other search engines are guided by algorithms to define which pages are most relevant to the search performed. Some elements considered for this assessment are:
  • Keywords: This is the question that Google tries to answer with the most relevant pages.
  • Titles: This publications is one of the most important aspects because through it, Google identifies the subject of the content.
  • Meta Description: This appears below the title in Google search and is essential for people to click on the page.
  • Title tags: At the surface level, these determine the size of the title, but in terms of SEO optimization, they establish hierarchies that search engines must take into account.

Why Is SEO Important For A Business Or Website?

SEO is important for a business because it helps improve the ranking of your website in search engines, which makes it more visible to users. In general, web positioning makes a business more visible and reaches the most appropriate type of audience. Although this sums up the importance of SEO too much since it can do much more for our business, below we mention the main benefits that we could highlight from applying SEO to a website or business.

So Why Should You Use SEOBUDDY For Your Company?

A good SEO strategy requires taking into account a multitude of positioning factors and constantly developing a significant amount of content that is going to cost you a great amount of economic and labor resources, outsourcing the service will help you save costs. That is to say, it will be done well.

The benefits of delegating the SEO strategy of your business to a SEOBUDDY are many and varied. We can summarize them in these:

Communicate: – At SEOBUDDY we know that SEO today is not based on tricks but on hard work, commitment, and excellence. We analyze the audience, the market, competitors, and all the factors that intervene in the effectiveness of the content. We have a trained team, prepared and ready to start helping you position yourself in the first results of Google. To expand your company and for users to have you as the best reference. In addition, we choose to launch Test campaigns to study and analyze the results and thus be able to finalize a marketing plan based on real and current numbers.

Our purpose is to advance our capabilities in the world of digital marketing. Strategies like SEO, SEM, social networks, social Adverts, and Email marketing, among others. They will make your brand and all your services stand out from the competition, designing strategies based on the use of current resources. We develop websites based on the marketing strategies to be carried out in the future. We have demonstrable results and experiences and we carry out a double review process to avoid errors

We are an SEO agency that operates throughout the world. Our team establishes digital strategies with the main objective of increasing the positioning of the different brands. We have a qualified team with all the desire to help you position yourself in the first results of Google, expand your company, and achieve much more visibility. In addition, we propose improvements and force communities to grow always for the greater good. We like to meet monthly for better communication.

Maximum Return On Investment: – We will explain it to you with a simple example. Imagine that you have a web portal that has reached the first position in Google around a keyword that receives 700,000 monthly visits. On average, the page that occupies that privileged position in this search engine gets 20% of the total clicks made by users, which would mean a total of 140,000 visits per month.

Have you ever wondered how much those 140,000 visits could cost if, instead of getting them through SEO strategies, you paid through Google Adwords? Well, easily, €28,000. The average price per click is €0.20, so all you have to do is do the math. However, you can achieve those results using SEOBUDDY at a low cost. This is a double benefit for you and your business.

On one hand, you will have a stable expense that you can manage with a forecast within your budget. On the other, SEO strategies often result in a higher user-to-customer conversion rate. After all, it is not about buying a privileged position, but about doing a conscientious job to achieve it based on the delivery of quality content to the public. Something that, generally, has good rewards.

Benefits That Are Maintained Over Time: – An advantage directly linked to the previous one. By carrying out a strategy based on buying privileged positions in search rankings, the increase in web traffic ceases as soon as you stop investing. And, given the prices quoted above, it is difficult to maintain them for a long time.

On the other hand, through SEOBUDDY, it may take you longer to reach those privileged positions. But, when you do, you will have obtained a privileged position that will bring you a very important volume of qualified traffic every month. At this point, we can focus on improving the ranking of other search terms, while taking care of maintaining the privileged positions obtained. As you can see, the benefits over time are increasing, since we will be able to reach an increasingly large volume of users interested in our products/services.

The Trust: – Users know that the content offered in the first positions is of quality and this gives them greater confidence, security, and credibility towards these web pages. If Google positions a website within the top positions, it is because content optimization tasks have been carried out and quality content will be provided to users.

Provide useful content for the audience, using variations of keywords and attractive copywriting to strategically address their topics of greatest interest. Thus, users will find your website with different searches, which will earn you a good reputation, greater visibility, and trust.

Attract Qualified Traffic: – One of the main advantages of adopting an SEO strategy for your website is that this optimization can attract the desired audience, that is, potential customers. You need to remember that Internet search is demand-based, which means that people who visit your web pages through search engines want to find answers to their questions there, and immediately. Once your company manages to cover all the needs of the customers, they return in a short time to continue consuming content or to buy other products that your company provides, which brings you to the next benefit of hiring SEOBUDDY services.

Increased Conversion Rate: – The conversion rate is the percentage of users who enter your website and end up buying one of your products or services. When you carry out an SEO strategy on your business, what you are looking for is for this to occur since web traffic by itself will not generate benefits. Unless, of course, you want to generate them through the advertising inserted in the portal.

Obviously, by working on the keywords that interest you and by attracting your target audience thanks to them, the chances of this conversion process taking place are very high. Once achieved, it is usually only necessary to polish minor details (payment gateways, submission forms, etc.) to achieve high profitability.

Promote The Web Without Rest: – Another of the benefits of SEO is being able to position our website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is something that does not happen with campaigns in Google Ads when we run out of budget or stop the campaigns, we will stop appearing in the search results.

SEO is an investment that will give you results over a long period. Once your website is optimized, if you upload quality content periodically and follow up to check that everything is correct, there will be no one to make you drop from the top positions.

Creation Of Good Content: – google will not put any content in the first position. Therefore, we must create good content that both users and search engines like and that are not duplicated on any other website. For this, we will resort to SEO content writing, which consists of optimizing the text of the web including the main keywords in relevant sites, such as the titles, the metatags, the first paragraphs of the web, and in the images. Although we will always keep in mind that it is the user to whom our content is directed and to whom we must please in the first place, with clear texts that provide relevant information for them.

Expansion In Social Networks: – Having an SEO strategy is also great for social media. And it is that a page well positioned in Google can be more successful on digital platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, among others. SEOBUDDY agency to manage these activities for you will be of great help when reaching a larger audience and thereby generating more demand.

Improve The Ranking Of Your Website In Search Engines: – SEO helps to improve the position in which your website is displayed in Google or in any other search engine, which makes it more visible to users who browse in search of certain results. This increases the visibility of your business or brand since you will be more visible to those who are looking for products or services related to what you offer.

The Authority And Relevance: – The authority is related to the popularity that a page has: the more popular, the more valuable its content is and the more that content is shared, the more useful the page is. This is what SEO authority is all about.

Relevance is the relationship that the content of a page has with the term that has been searched for. It is important to emphasize that at this point, it is not enough to include the term we want to position hundreds of times it can be counterproductive for the authority of the page. Rather, the relevance is completely linked to the optimization of the keywords, the loading speed on the website, and the experience of each user, among other factors.

SEO Tools To Improve Your Visibility

SEO tools are divided into those that are paid for and those that are free. However, the ones that are effective are paid but offer a free trial. Among its main functions are:

  • Analyze your SEO to improve it
  • Analyze the competition
  • Survey of your site’s authority
  • Lucrative keyword research
  • Link analysis of your competition
  • Find link opportunities for your website
  • General and local position tracking
  • SEO audit

Take Advantage Of SEO Agency For Companies

Make the most of the SEO advantages for companies that a digital marketing agency such as SEOBUDDY can offer you.

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