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MY POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS! IF YOU BUY SOMETHING THROUGH ONE OF THOSE LINKS, WE MAY GET A SMALL COMMISSION. is an online service with a great goal to create a one-stop location site for every writer that offers training materials, job advertisements, and a selection of tools in order to help writers share and manage their work. Writers Work is not a company that employs writers directly. prepares job ads from various sources and places them in one place. It’s not the only about service, but it certainly saves more time. Writers usually spend many hours looking for new writer gig but, having a lot of resources in one place is more effective than pulling many pages from different lists – day by day.

What makes the task list feature particularly useful? Filters include the source of the job, the type of work and salary expectations. You can also search by keyword.

You can save filters so that you can start a pre-defined job search and request that you be notified daily, immediately, or weekly if jobs that match the search criteria are available. Having an immediate notification for new jobs is priceless because people who deposit their applications are often placed in a favorable position.

Writing Section

There are countless online articles that pay for articles, but has accumulated dozens of these options in the search list. This is a really useful way for writers to find places to pay for their work.

In every case, there is a little description of what the publication is searching for, as well as better information about the price paid for each article, just as shown below:

There is a decent (but not huge) range of options, ranging from “basic” publications that pay between 50 to $100 per article compare to large names that pay $ 1 per word. You can search using different criteria.

This great feature enables every writer to find a better chance opportunity and it is very useful. If the editorial team of the succeeds in sustaining it with a continuous array of new possibilities, this can be very useful.

Free Coaching Class project management system is not limited to job offers. It’s also the place where you can manage all live writing projects.

Its usefulness will greatly depend on how you have already established your workflow as an article and web content writer. For each project you can specify a set of sub-folders, then associate documents with this project and monitor how much time you spend on it. The interface is very easy to use:

Some immediate question asks is why someone would want to use instead of Microsoft Word or some other desired word processor. The main reason is that the text editor includes a readability assessment and a reading level that is updated in real time as you type. There are also live words, phrases and the number of characters, as well as spell checking.

The search also reveals the possibility of including basic design and justification, and it is easy to incorporate hyperlinks and header tags. There is also a “bulb” icon when you mark a word that refers to dictionary and synonyms definitions.

Finally, the document editor seamlessly connects with other features of the Writers Work program. For example, you can track the time spent on the document and associate it with a specific project. However, a new writer who works for the first time can decide to use it all the time.

You can, of course, simply use the legibility features by inserting text after writing elsewhere, or you can do it in a different way, and then export it as Word or PDF. It is even possible to publish directly to WordPress. It’s really like someone’s sitting and thinking about the features that authors really need here. If authors can work on how to build a plagiarism check in the future, then you should be impressed! allows you to manage your writing portfolio from the system. The functionality of the portfolio in the work writers is fundamental. What you see in the picture above is what you get: profile picture, title picture, title location and description, and the ability to add more.

That’s fine and would work perfectly as a portfolio of writers, especially for beginners. However, it does not have the functionality of something like Contents. It would be good to see some additional features, such as the ability to add pictures for each project and how to include links to social networks like LinkedIn.

UPDATE: After writing this section, a screenshot of an updated wallet section appears that appears to contain new features, including the above mentioned social media integration.

The writers work University offers a selection of training materials, mostly video, to help new writers learn to craft and trade. Videos cover topics ranging from copywriting to pitching and are well-composed. A small but well-structured class of writing is included in the writings. The system saves the modules you have followed. Content here is not huge, but since this is just one of many features, this is an interesting plug-in that is well implemented.

As mentioned above, it is possible to track the time spent writing tasks, which can help you, know what to charge to clients. You can also set your writing goals (a feature that, frankly, could be done with many more features than writing “X words per day”).

Writers Work also contains statistics such as the number of words per minute and the total number of words entered. Obviously, their accuracy depends on using as the text editor of your choice.

Review of writers’ work: Conclusion

Although some of the writers’ work components make it superficial, especially as a feature of “goals,” it’s impossible to deny that you get as much as $50, which is a one-time, one-time payment for a lifetime subscription. The monthly payment option is more expensive, but it offers the option to take your feet in the water – and there is a money back guarantee.

Some of the components of are really well thought out; Job offers are well expanded by the addition of promotional opportunities.

Strange, although no single editorial component can justify the purchase of a job, the whole, when everything is set up, creates a fairly convincing set – especially for beginner writers who will appreciate the participation of training resources. Founded writers who already have processes for their work and a portfolio created elsewhere will find less and less reason for harassment, but there is definitely a market for writers many people really enjoy it.

Inevitably, some potential buyers will want to consider the disproportionate promises made by the creator of the writers. Of course, some people will be discouraged from these things.

With new features promised and proven, writers offer more in the coming months and years. However, if you want to buy it, you should know that you are buying something that could help you begin writing career if you have the necessary skills, motivation, and determination.

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